Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogging+school= not good

Sorry, I haven't blogged much. College is hectic.... changing majors+honors+sorority events+boyfriend= VERY crazy schedule.
  • I do thank heavenly father for everything that he enables me to do.
  • And I love my Tri-Sigma sisters as well, living in the house has been a blessing.
  • Spending 9 months with an amazing man, who I can have toilet paper fights and dance with.
  • Musicals... keeps me sane..'nough said
  • DU boys, they're like my brothers.
  • The DeGraw's, who are my family.


  1. Just remember to enjoy the ride that is your hectic college life!! :)

  2. Yeah, your schedule now would kill you at my age - but you're not my age!! :D